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"Ask me anything you want to know," said Carmen when we were talking in Kansas City on May 3, 2005.

I told Carmen so many people wrote to me and this site asking about her, and that she was very popular with men who were kind enough to notice not only that she was pretty, but to be enchanted with her talent as well.

Who is Carmen's favorite singer? "MADONNA, I am a big Madonna fan. I love her, love her music."

Can you imagine that? What if Carmen sang those same songs? Better yet, what if the followers of that genre of music were to allow a voice such as Carmen's to entertain them? Why, I just might return to my 'rock' roots.

Carmen Monarcha was born 1979 in Belém, Pará, Brazil. She was born into an artistic family, her father is a writer and her mother a renowned Brazilian singer. Her family moved to Rio de Janeiro, where they stayed until Carmen was 14, moving then to San Paulo.

Carmen studied cello and the piano and trained to be a concert cellist as a young girl. Carmen then began to develop her singing voice. During the course of her career in music she became acquainted with fellow Brazilian singer, Carla Maffioletti. After finishing school, she and Carla went to Maastricht, Holland for further vocal training and were later hired by Andre Rieu. She has toured with the JSO steadily as of 2003.

Carmen received critical acclaim as a winner at the Bidu Sayă o Vocal Competition, a major international singing competition held annually in Brazil.

Carmen exudes the confidence of an educated and successful young woman while allowing her friendly and playful personality to shine.

We all look forward to many years of hearing her beautiful voice.
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