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Bonjour! Je m'appelle Sophie, et je suis fan de Manoe Konings, la clarinettiste d'André Rieu. Je l'ai vue deux fois en concert, au Mans (France) où j'habite. Et la seconde fois (Jeudi 11 mars 2004), je l'ai rencontrée après le concert! C'était fantastique, parce qu' elle est très gentille et adorable. Je joue moi aussi de la clarinette, et c'est un merveilleux instrument!

J'ai vu Manoe pour la troisième fois en concert au Mans le 6 avril 2005, c'était merveilleux! Le saviez-vous? l'anniversaire de Manoe est le 10 mars...


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Hello! My name is Sophie, and I am a Manoe Konings fan, the clarinetist of André Rieu. I saw her two times in concert, in Le Mans (France), where I live. And the last time (Thursday 11 March of 2004), I met her after the concert! It was fantastic, because she is very nice and attractive. I play clarinet too, and it's a wonderful instrument!

Update: I saw Manoe for the third time April 6, 2005.  She was wonderful and the concert was great! This was shortly after her birthday which is on the 10th of March.


By Deborah Turcotte, : Saturday, May 8, 2004

Andre Rieu to bring classics to Portland

Manoe Konings was taught to read music by her grandfather before she learned the alphabet, and he had a custom clarinet made for her in Germany. Both Rieu and Konings studied classical music, and in the 1980s, André asked Manoe to join him in his orchestra.

"We were just doing some concerts in Holland, and then we recorded the 'Second Waltz of Chostakovitch,'" Manoe said. "One year we were on the Top 10 of the hit parade, then everything exploded. After that, the world came."

For Manoe, it's an energizing feeling to see and hear an audience respond so enthusiastically to one of the orchestra's performances. Children, too, are welcome to join in the colorful spectacle.

"Being on stage is the most wonderful thing you could be doing, looking out and seeing thousands of people smiling," she said. "As you see on television, we have fun. We have a group of people who really love classical music."
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