Das Versteckspiel um sein Frau Marjorie



While the Waltz King André Rieu (57) is standing in the spotlight and
admired by millions, waves of secrecy surround his wife Marjorie. One hears not much about her and only a few know what she really looks like. Who is this shadow woman who spends since 3O years her life with the Waltz King.

Elegantly  he lets his bow glide over his violin. Between dreamy
classical melodies he bewitches his public with sparkly jokes.

What only a few suspect: the announcements of the magic violinist do not spontaneously come out of his belly. They are written by Marjorie Rieu (59), since 31 years the force behind the legendary carrier of the Dutch Star.

Marjorie Rieu- that is what she looks like

Marjorie Rieu- the mysterious  shadow woman, that almost nobody does knows, avoids the lamp light. Glamour she dislikes. Rather she stands behind the stage and oversees with Argus eyes that all goes like clock work . Mrs. Rieu radiates a natural authority. Nothing escapes her critical eye. When she purses her lips, something is not to her liking. Behind the scene, the glamour factor equals zero. Accordingly she is  discreetly dressed and made up, just a little lipstick and some rouge, modern pop glasses and the typically curly hair she wears so simple for many years.

Marjorie Rieu-  that is how big her power is. The impression deceives: Marjorie is the boss of the undertaking Rieu. During big concerts are up to 5OO people working on and behind the stage. Mrs. Rieu has the reigns strongly in her hands. She oversees every detail. When she orders something, it can be that employees awesome answer with: "Oui mon général" Yes my general. Marjorie Rieu does not leave anything in
the carrier of her husband to chance. For TV shows she has been known to even pick out the table cloth and flower arrangements.

Behind every successful man is a strong woman, as the proverb says.  That is fitting especially to the couple Rieu because private life and business are not to be divided.

That the love of his youth , with whom André is married for 31 years plays the most important role in his life, he is admitting. "Our success  is due to my wife who was from the beginning not only with it but also mainly is part of it." It fits the character of Marjorie Rieu that she even plays down this comment of her husband. "The glory belongs alone to my husband, I am only working in the back ground." That modesty is also the reason why she never wants to be photographed with her darling husband.

Marjorie and André Rieu- so Big is their Love

The domestic felicity of André and Marjorie functions thanks to a recipe with which both are in agreement: "We both respect each other and we give our self free room." That we are separated because of my many trips, makes our love only more tender and beautiful", says André. Marjorie nods " That is how we can rediscover ourselves again. That is so much nicer than the every day old marriage trot."

Is the women's idol who likes to flirt and is adored from female admires all over the globe a faithful husband? André Rieu smiles eloquent and lets out that he is by nature rather shy and timid and therefore he could withstand temptations.....

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